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Local Home Improvement Contractors Are Just Better

April 21, 2024

Why Choosing A Local Wasatch Front Home
Improvement Contractor Is ESSENTIAL

When It Comes To Siding, Gutters,
& Windows, Local Is King

We get it – you have a lot of exterior home remodeling options to choose from in and around Salt Lake City. Big box home improvement stores. Nationally-owned chains. Discount warehouses.

And let’s face it, they’ll probably get the job done at the cheapest price possible.

Sound good?

Not to us!

Nation-wide big box stores often give their customers the quickest, easiest, and most impersonal results at the expense of long-lasting quality and (worse yet) personalized customer service.

Here’s why choosing a local contractor can give you higher-quality results and a customized experience…

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Ways Choosing A Local Contractor Is Always Better

There are many reasons why choosing a local contractor will bring you better results. Here are just a few…

Local Contractors Know Your Local Climate

Whether you’re replacing your siding, gutters, or windows, considering your local weather is paramount. Local climate affects which products will be most effective, how they’re installed, and what to expect from their performance.

After all, when installing James Hardie siding, you wouldn’t want Hardie Zone 10 siding in our colder Hardie Zone 5 climate. HZ 10 siding is meant for warmer, more humid climates and wouldn’t appropriately insulate your Wasatch Front home.

So, to ensure your home gets the exterior products it needs, it’s best to go with a local contractor who actually lives in your area and knows the local climate.

Local Home Improvement Companies Have Their Priorities Right

It’s common practice for mega store sales consultants to focus on one thing and one thing only – THE SALE. They often don’t consider your wants, your needs, or even your concerns. The sales pitch can be impersonal and sometimes downright condescending. Their goal is to make the sale at whatever expense. Period.

When you work with a local home improvement company, chances are, they have more at stake – their reputation. And because of this, great local home improvement companies focus less on the quantity of sales and more on the quality of sales.

What do we mean?

We mean that when a local contractor’s future jobs depend on your satisfaction, they tend to go above and beyond the standard. During your consultation, they’ll actually LISTEN to you, discover what you want, and work with you to find the best solutions.

“Local” AND “Established” Are Two Vital Words To Look For

Now, we’re not saying that just any old local contractor will do. If that were the case, you’d leave yourself vulnerable to unreliable fly-by-night contractors or any neighborhood handyman who can swing a hammer.

That’s why being local AND established are crucial when choosing an exterior contractor.

Established companies often have strong roots in the communities they serve. They donate to local organizations, participate in community events, and give back to the people and places that surround them.

In other words, local, established companies have a greater investment in their communities. They care about their reputation and the places they live and work.

At RGS Exteriors & Construction, We’re Proud To
Be Wasatch Front’s Go-To Local Contractor

With over 70 years in the home improvement business, we’re proud to stake our claim as Wasatch Front’s go-to contractor for siding, windows, gutters, and more. We’ve been here for over seven decades. We live here. We work here. We raise our families here.

And with our deep community roots, we’re more than invested in your well-being and in giving you the best home improvement results around.

When you’re ready to start your Wasatch Front siding, gutters, or window project with a local company that cares, reach out to RGS Exteriors & Construction today for a free quote.