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Our Five Golden Rules For Excellent Exterior Home Remodeling Projects

April 16, 2024

The Five Unbreakable Rules That
Guide Our Every Decision 

Doing It Right Is The ONLY Option

At RGS Exteriors, we aren’t just selling gutters, siding, or windows for exterior home remodeling on the Wasatch Front. We’re giving Utah homeowners peace of mind and beautiful results that last.

We pour decades of experience and obsession with quality into every project – crafting exceptional homeowner experiences and outstanding results.

That’s not just lip service – it’s the very foundation of who we are. Along with our core values, these five rules guide every decision we make.

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1) Do It Right Or Not At All.

It’s a simple philosophy ingrained in our DNA. Either the job meets our industry-surpassing standards, or it’s not complete. Period. We don’t settle for ‘good enough’ – we strive for exceptional. 

Every element, from initial planning to final cleanup, receives the full RGS Exteriors treatment.  We don’t believe in shortcuts. We uncover and address underlying issues before we install ANYTHING. 

Transparency and upfront honesty are crucial, even if it means revealing inconvenient truths. 

So if we aren’t a good fit, we’ll tell you.

If what you want won’t result in a long-term fix, we’ll tell you.

No sale is worth agreeing to do a poor job. If we agree to take on a project, you KNOW the results will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

2) Being Respectful Is Not An Option.

Everyone, from homeowners to our team, deserves respect. We believe in open communication, active listening, and treating each other with the same courtesy we expect ourselves. We never speak to our customers with a patronizing tone.

We believe respect comes in the form of clear communication. That’s why we strive to eliminate any uncertainty. We keep you informed, consult with you on decisions, and involve you in every step of the process.

Our consultants are educators, and our workers are great communicators. While technical expertise is essential, we believe that attitude and work ethic are equally important.

So we prioritize hiring friendly individuals who share our passion for quality and customer satisfaction. We can teach someone how to install chimney covers or replace windows, but we can’t train for genuine care and dedication.

3) Only Hire Top-Notch Exterior Home Remodeling Crews.

A top-notch exterior home renovation project requires not only high-quality materials but also a skilled and dedicated crew to bring it all together. At RGS Exteriors & Construction, we understand this crucial connection.

That’s why new recruits shadow experienced installers until they’re fully prepared to tackle projects independently. We invest heavily in training and support for our crews, ensuring they are as obsessed with details as we are.

We also provide them with comprehensive training that covers everything from product specifics and company procedures to proper on-site conduct. Curse words, loud music, and messy worksites are deal breakers.

You can expect to see only clean-cut, expert craftsmen at your worksite. Ones who will treat your home with the utmost care.

4) Offer Only Best-In-Class Quality

The real secret to lasting value lies in choosing high-quality, top-performing materials and installing them with meticulous care.

Before any product graces your home, it undergoes rigorous real-world testing. If it can’t withstand the Wasatch Front climate, we will not use it for your project.

We’re not afraid to say no to products that don’t meet our rigorous standards, even if it means sacrificing immediate profits. Because for us, it’s not about how many projects we complete – it’s about the quality of life we build for our customers.

That’s why we scour the market for the best products, the most innovative materials, and the most reliable manufacturers.

Our selection represents the gold standard in home improvement – from advanced James Hardie siding to triple pane windows and seamless gutters.

More Than Just Rules For Exterior Home Remodeling

These rules aren’t just words on a page – they’re the blood that pumps through our company. They’re reflected in every conversation, every decision, and every interaction.

When you choose RGS Exteriors, you’re not just getting new siding, windows, or gutters. You’re partnering with a team dedicated to your total satisfaction, built on a foundation of unwavering integrity and genuine care.

Contact us today for a free exterior home remodeling quote, and let us show you what “doing it right” truly means.