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Speed Kills Quality Work

April 21, 2023

Speed Kills Quality, So We Encourage Our Top-Tier
Installers To Slow Down And Nail Every Detail

We Expect Our Siding, Gutter, And Window
Projects To Blow Minds Every Time

While it’s true that most Utah exterior home remodeling contractors live and die by the speed of their workers, we decided from the beginning to take a different road. From day one, our prime focus has been on maintaining the high quality of our work.

For example, the results you see in the above image take time to achieve. And crews that rely on speed to stay employed or make enough money to survive simply can’t complete such a complicated siding project with the attention it requires.

At RGS Exteriors, we give our installers every reason to slow down and get each detail exactly right the first time.

Setting Expectations

Contractors set expectations with their workers, but not every company has the right priorities. Most focus on project quantity and cost controls, but the best contractors focus on workmanship over everything else.

Our crews know that cutting corners, skipping steps, or skimping on materials is unacceptable. Each has been through extensive training, both factory and in-house, and understands that every manufacturer recommendation must be followed to the letter.

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Focusing On Speed Can Be Disastrous

When an exterior home contractor cares only about speed, the ramifications can run deep. A crewmember that knows that any delays can cost them their job is prone to make bad decisions, like:

  • Covering up problems
  • Skimping on fasteners
  • Accepting flawed designs
  • Making do when short on materials
  • Ignoring issues not addressed by the project

All of these poor decisions come from the need for speed and worrying about cost over quality. And when “faster” is hammered into your installers’ heads, reality doesn’t have a chance against policy.

They will do whatever is necessary to keep to their schedule, even if it means less value for their customers. After all, they likely carry a workmanship guarantee that matches their standards – so the project only needs to hold up for a few years.

For these contractors, quality is something they can’t afford to consider.

At RGS Exteriors, We Accept Reality

The estimators at RGS do their best to anticipate any issues a project may encounter, but sometimes problems don’t show themselves until we start tearing off the old material.

If we uncover a structural problem, like mold or rot, we stop work until we come up with a plan to address the issue. We’ll never cover it up because we know structural issues only grow when ignored.

If we somehow find ourselves short on material, a rare circumstance, we don’t try to stretch what we have on hand – we act immediately to get what we need to finish the project.

If we see problems adjacent to the area your remodeling project is covering, we let you know.

For example, say we find that your soffit needs replacing when we tear down your old gutters and facia. We could ignore the problem with no effect on the project, but that would be wrong – and doing wrong just isn’t our way.

Instead, we come to you right away and explain what we found and ask how you’d like to handle the situation.
Whether you need our custom-manufactured soffits or just need to replace some rotten timber, we are always willing to work with you to get the job done properly. But we will never leave you in the dark in order to save time.

High Pay For High Quality

Installers are traditionally paid by the job, so the faster they work, the more they make. We understand that asking them to slow down limits the number of jobs they can complete in an average month.

To create our detail-obsessed and quality-focused workforce, we had to ensure that they could still make a good living while producing the high-quality work we demand. 

So, we pay our installers more per job than just about any contractor in the business.

This pay rate allows them to make what they need each month while enforcing our industry-leading standards on each project.

And we can tell you the system works great.

There’s less pressure on each job and more personal satisfaction for every installer. They know that we’ll never hold them back from doing things the right way and that, in fact, we pay them well for their diligence.

Our turnover rate is way below any industry average, much less the contracting industry. And since our installers stick around for years, every crew is filled with long-term experts who believe in our endless pursuit of perfection.

If you need help with the exterior of your Wasatch Front home and want it done by tenured professionals who care about their work, contact us at RGS Exteriors for a free quote.