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A Layton, UT, Home With New White James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Layton, UT, Homeowners Choose James
Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
For Optimal Results

Stunning, Durable Options That Last For Decades

If you invest in new siding for your Layton, UT, home, durability, beauty, and quality are probably at the top of your list of desired characteristics. James Hardie fiber cement siding delivers all this and more. At RGS Exteriors, we specialize in this premium option, offering our customers exceptional results that look just as good decades later.

Hardie siding is unrivaled in quality, making it the premier fiber cement siding option today. In addition to being low-maintenance, pest-resistant, and able to withstand our climate, it comes in fantastic style selections, including the following:

  • Trim boards
  • Textured panels
  • Vertical panel siding
  • Plank lap siding
  • Straight edge shingles
  • Staggered edge shingles

Many homeowners also enjoy the sustainability factor offered by this brand of siding. Because of its long-lasting installations, you’ll have fewer waste materials over the years. In addition, James Hardie focuses on implementing as many recycled materials as possible. Their products are also recyclable, keeping them out of landfills.

Our Business Has Been Shaped By Our Core Values

For more than 60 years, we’ve followed the same core values that have allowed us to deliver exceptional quality results to our Davis County customers. We want our projects to last decades, outstripping their warranties. You can’t do that without adhering to solid values.

We believe there’s only one way to do things – the right way. There’s no point in doing something if you’re not going to do it properly. That’s why we follow all manufacturer’s guidelines unless we feel those instructions don’t go far enough to deliver the quality of results we hold ourselves to.

All our products are the best the industry offers, and that’s why we rely on James Hardie siding. We thoroughly vet anything we plan to put on your home – ensuring it will stand the test of time.

But it doesn’t stop there because the quality of a product won’t matter if it’s not installed correctly. So, we take our time when we hire, choosing only the most respectful, dedicated, and quality-driven individuals to join our team.

A Warranty That Stands Out From The Rest

If you’ve had any experience with warranties, you’re probably a bit jaded. Many have loopholes and tricky language that excludes you from coverage when you need it most. That’s not the case when you choose RGS Exteriors.

We always offer the highest level of workmanship on every project we complete. Our goal is to ensure your installation outstrips its warranty by years, not days or months. We confidently back our work with a 10-year warranty.

If anything goes wrong with your James Hardie fiber cement siding installation within the first ten years after the project’s completion because of something we did, we’ll be back to your Layton, UT, home to fix it.

In addition, because James Hardie is such a reliable brand, it also comes with a solid manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll get exceptional coverage that backs your materials up to 40 years.

The Only Elite Preferred Installer Of
James Hardie Siding In The State

There’s a difference between those who install James Hardie siding and those who excel at it. Preferred Installers are required to use the company’s siding, nails, and caulk on every installation. They must install 45,000 board feet of James Hardie siding annually, but they’re not required to use the special trim made by the company.

Because of this, many will use low-quality trim that doesn’t meet the same standards as the siding. Unfortunately, the results can be catastrophic over the years, quickly leading to failure.

Elite Preferred Installers have a few additional requirements, including using only James Hardie products for the entire installation. The only exception is that the trim can be substituted with metal because it meets the same low-maintenance qualities of Hardie trim. In addition, they have to meet the 45,000 board feet requirement.

But what truly sets these installers apart is their willingness to have every customer who receives a James Hardie installation surveyed by the company. In these surveys, there must be a clear indication that the customer would recommend the installer to their friends at least 93% of the time.

At RGS Exteriors, unlike the competition, we’re not afraid to have our Davis County customers surveyed. Because of this, we’re the only installer to have received this status in the entire state.

RGS Exteriors Is Your Source For Premium James Hardie
Fiber Cement Siding Installations In Layton, UT

For the best investment in your Layton, UT, home’s exterior, consider James Hardie fiber cement siding installed by a company that cares about the process and its customers. Here at RGS Exteriors, no detail is too small – we’ll take the time we need to ensure everything is done correctly so you get the best results.

From our stress-free process to our core values, we put our customers first. You’ll also get the ultimate peace of mind with our outstanding warranty.

Call RGS Exteriors today at (801) 997-6616 to schedule a free estimate.

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